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Smart factory integration platform

Provide a full range of smart factory solutions

Connect all production equipment and bring data collection, analysis and management. The SmartFactorv integrated platform collects real-time operational and status data from production resources at the manufacturing site through the LOT Gateway and stores it in a database. The SmartFactorv integrated platform collects real-time operational and status data from production resources at the manufacturing site via LOT Gateway and stores it in the database, then analyzes it through internal analysis algorithms. In addition, production implementation and performance are managed through ERP and MES linkage, providing solutions to improve customer productivity and quality and equipment management.

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Cost-effective, one-stop service

Automation solutions

Provide smart manufacturing solutions that combine industrial domain expertise with automation and smart technologies in key application areas: electric welding, arc welding, loading and unloading, handling, laser cutting, grinding, polishing, painting, assembly, palletizing, packaging, etc.

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3D visualization MES

Digital solutions

By providing enterprises with intelligent data management and analysis platforms in the fields of data analysis, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, we help enterprises achieve digital transformation of their business and improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

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One hand smart factory integration platform

PID-based intelligent solution for energy-saving and environment-friendly pulp moulding production

Advanced production lines or smart equipment technologies for paper award molding product manufacturing, including: advanced raw material preparation systems, efficient and energy-saving pulp molding, intelligent control systems, and energy recovery and reuse.

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Complete brand, professional selection for you

Top Leaders Automation

We provide professional equipment selection services, which can effectively help enterprises improve efficiency, reduce costs, and upgrade equipment, and reduce unnecessary waste

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24-hour customer service

400 hotline 24 hours a day, professional customer service online to answer questions, understand the actual situation, remote guidance for you to solve problems

On-site support

Professional engineers visit your home for repair, maintenance and other technical services. To solve problems and resume production for you in time

Customized consulting

We provide you with customized automation solutions to ensure that your specific needs and requirements are met

Continuous improvement

We are constantly innovating technology and upgrading our services to meet your growing needs and changes


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