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How can companies digitally transform? Quality growth in an era of low growth


With 5G, cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things and other technological means continue to progress, the era of digitalisation has arrived. The competition in steel structure enterprises has intensified in the last decade and the price of the market has become transparent. Many steel structure enterprises have introduced various information technology systems (ERP, PLM, MES, LES, etc.) to integrate the management information of the enterprise in order to optimise management and enhance profits. However, the diversified production mode of the manufacturing industry and the industry characteristics of steel production, the traditional information software is often unable to meet the real needs of the actual production, mainly in terms of coverage limitations, system functions are more redundant, the system data is scattered and difficult to integrate.

1. Equipment layer

       The device layer consists of physical devices such as PLCs, CNCs, industrial robots, intelligent devices, sensors and other industrial manufacturing and automation related objects. These devices are connected to the gateway layer via various wired and wireless networks.

2. Gateway layer

       The gateway layer mainly consists of the SCADA system, the IOT platform, the acquisition box and the remote IO module. The gateway layer transmits the data collected by the device layer to the platform layer and acts as a data bridge between the device layer and the platform layer.

3. Platform layer

       The platform layer provides business function modules for project and contract management, design drawing management, production planning scheduling, production process management, packaging and shipping management, as well as third party platform interfaces, log management and notification management.

4. Application layer

       With the four-layer technical architecture, applications can be developed for different specific steel construction industries and scenarios, such as bridge steel construction, building steel construction and ship steel construction.