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Ten directions for smart factory planning


With the rapid development of society and the continuous progress of the times, the traditional mode of manufacturing has been unable to meet the needs of the current stage, intelligent manufacturing came into being. Various countries gradually began to pay attention to the planning and construction of smart factories, smart factory planning is the beginning of the digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises, playing a clear goal, design model, blueprint, determine the role of the path, this article, based on Huagong Saibai's experience in smart factory planning for many years, shared the top ten directions of smart factory planning.

This maturity assessment method is suitable for most enterprises, which will be relatively rough. Enterprises that need a refined assessment of problems and diagnostic positioning, and need a refined assessment of the current situation of business management, digital systems, automation applications and other aspects can contact Huagong Saibai, which started its transformation consulting and diagnostic work in 2019 and has now conducted intelligent We have helped many head enterprises in Wuhan industry, such as Wushang Heavy Industry, Yimei Steel Structure, Hubei Changjiang Electric and Jiabiyu Bio, to implement successful digital transformation and support the manufacturing industry with new generation automation, informationization, digitalization, intelligent technologies and new processes to achieve cost reduction, efficiency and quality improvement and create a new manufacturing model.