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Intelligent storage and logistics, a core element of building a smart factory


In recent years, under the impetus of China's policies, various technologies have developed rapidly, especially the changes in business models brought about by the Internet have accelerated the changes in the manufacturing model of enterprises, and more and more Chinese manufacturing enterprises are exploring smart manufacturing. The smart factory is an important carrier for realising smart manufacturing, and the planning and design of smart logistics is at the same time a core element in the construction process of a smart factory. Unlike the traditional product and production line oriented factory planning concept, the planning of smart factories needs to consider the background of future large-scale customer customisation and the Internet of Things, with the customer as the main focus, following the "big logistics, small production" concept to achieve the whole value chain of customers, research and development, procurement and supply, production and service. "Lean flow". Intelligent logistics is an important bridge between the upstream and downstream of an enterprise, as well as between the end-to-end value chain of an enterprise, integrating logistics, information flow and capital flow, and therefore the planning of intelligent logistics is the key to the intelligent lean flow of a smart factory.